Sunday, July 31, 2011

envelope mini album

This is a envelope mini album i am working on ,  its my first, but seems to be coming out really well.  I need to make about 10 more for christmas gifts this. year.  It is a really simple idea.  i got the idea form a YouTube video  from Following the papertrails.  just search it and you can get the instructions to this mini.  Will post when i have it completed.  thanks for watching.  Bern

current project

Currently I am working on some wedding favors for my goddaughters wedding.  I need these for march of 2012.  These are just mock ups, so the color choices are not right.  I used Tags, Bags and Boxes for these from Cricut. 

scrapbook pages i have done.

birthday cards

These are cards that i made from the Ultimate Cardmakers Creative Pack.  It is from Hot Off the Press,  i purchased it from Paper Wishes catalog. 

christmas cards

These are some Christmas cards from 2010.  I used Wondrous Gift set from Stampin up.  Then heat embossed the designs. 

ok getting with it!!

ok so this is my scrapping room,  where i get all my work done (or not!!) .

Saturday, July 30, 2011

haven't gotten to it yet!!

Hey to you all , have had a very busy day.  Needless to say i haven't posted anything.  Hopeing tomorrow will bring out some crafts.  Tam, your cards are very cute.  Like the stuff you did with the Cuddle Bug papers . 

Friday, July 29, 2011

Thinking of You

This card I made specifically for one of the ladies in my church who helped me out with VBS. She is in the hospital and I thought that this might brighten her day. I cut a sheet of dark green 11 1/2 x 8 card stock in half.(5 1/2) I then folded the dark green card stock in half. I adhered the light green piece of card stock the I had previously used the cuddle bug to do the design. I then used letters from my scrapbooking supplies and adhered them in a diagonal pattern. I then, using the glue runner adhered the sea shells that I had previously cut out using the cricuit. I then used a dark green marker that co-ordinated with both green and outline the shells. I adhered a saying on the inside to complete the card.
All of these cards where made within an hour. I have found a little preparation goes a long way. Save your scraps for you never know when you might be able to use them. I have talked with my sister many a time of making cards ahead of time, and we just never have gotten around to it. I feel guilty when I need to go out and buy a card. Hopefully thru this blog it will encourage me to do more in the cards then I have been doing.


This is one of the cards I had made but was not at all happy with. After posting this I have decided to remove the celebrate and it looks better in my opinion. I used the other half of light blue card stock for the main part of the card and folded that in half. I then adhered with my glue runner, a previously cuddle bug image of Happy Birthday onto the light blue card stock. I then adhered a saying in the inside and was done with the card. So simple but someone will appreciate receiving a card for their birthday.

Summer of sea shells

This card I used a light pale blue piece of 11 1/2 x 8 piece of card stock. I cut it in half at 5 1/2. I then took the one piece of card stock and folded it in half. I had previously cut the sea shells out using the cricuit machine. (I have fallen in love with that machine, if you don't know what one is I highly recommend you look it up) I had also previously used the cuddle bug for the design out of a scrap piece of paper. I adhered the darker blue piece of paper first with my glue runner. Then using the glue runner adhered the sea shells at different angles on the paper. I have found that I like to use an odd number of designs because I feel it gives it a more uniformed look. To finish off the card I used a darker gray blue marker that I though co-ordinated with both blues and outlined the shells given them more definition.

Live, Laugh and Love

Live, Laugh and Love. I copied this saying for a saying that is in my sister's house. I cut an 11 1/2 X 8 sheet of pink card stock in half at 5 1/2. I folded the one piece of card stock in half. I then adhered the  pink gingham scrap of paper with a cuddle bug image of a flower on it. I then took the Live, Laugh and Love and adhered them to scraps from my scrap booking and then adhered all three in an orderly fashion on the card stock. I used a pink marker to outline the flower petals and an orange marker to color in the center. Using a green marker I outlined the stems of the flowers. Again here I had previously used the cuddle bug on a scrap of paper left over from a previous project. My sister has taught me the you should save all your scraps for you never know when you may use them.

Thinking of You

This card I used a lavender card stock. Using an 11 X 8 1/2 sheet of card stock I cut it at 5 1/2. I folded the one piece of card stock in half. I had previously done a curly q design on a light sheet of purple using my sisters cuddle bug.(which by the way is an awesome machine to add depth to your project) I used a glue runner to adhere the lighter sheet of purple to the lavender sheet of card stock. I then get the heart, flower and thinking of you out of my scrapbook extras and adhered them onto the lighter sheet of card stock. I used a puprle marker to outline the curly q's (which messed up). As I was once told that the mistakes give it a homemade look. 
Such a simple but easy to make card. Anyone would be happy to receive a card like this.

Scrapping sister #2

This is the other half of scrapping sisters, Bernie.  Hope you all enjoy our blog.  Can't wait to get some pix  up for you all to enjoy.  Also hope this site makes me get more crafting done.  Been a bit lazy lately.  Ok,  happy scrapping everyone.  Keep checking back..,  Bernie

Day 2

Hey Sissy. I have found my camera, now to find batteries and the pictures will start being added. This is all new but found another scrapping sisters that got the same idea to share their ideas with a blog. I guess you could say we both are smart. I am hoping to have my new cards posted on here sometime today are late tomorrow. For everyone else, check back and see the exhibits. I hope that all of you will enjoy this blog and visit on a regular basis.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here we go

We are siters by birth, but friends by choice. We are two sisters that have a love of crafting, anything from cards to scrapbook pages and iris folding. We have chosen to start this blog because we do not always get to see each other and we wanted to share our love of scrapping with each other and those of you that love to scrap as well. We will be posting different crafts that we do seperately and together. We will try to post how we made the craft as well in case there are those of you who would like to make the project as well. Come on in and we both hope that you will enjoy scrapping as much as we do.